Top 3 boat trips around Malaysia

Malaysia is a wonderful holiday location, offering a diverse range of tourist attractions on both sides of the South China Sea. If you want to take full advantage of its proximity to the beautiful Pacific Ocean, here are some excellent boat trips you can choose to embark on.dinner cruising malaysia
Dinner Cruises
While some travellers are drawn to cruises because they wish to watch the world flow by, others are content to just use a boat trip as an excuse to put their feet up and indulge in some serious relaxation. Some people prefer to take on-board both options with equal fervor.
When visiting Langkawi, why not book yourself onto an afternoon and sunset dinner cruise? Because Langwaki consists of no fewer than 99 gorgeous tropical islands, it makes for the ideal backdrop to your island-hopping cruise. As your background of endless white beaches, towering limestone cliffs and turquoise seas drift by, relax and enjoy the delicacies on offer from the varied menu. As well as taking a sightseeing cruise around the region's southern islands and inviting bays, you can chill-out while you are served dinner prepared on board. An added bonus is that there is an open bar on the vessel, with a free flow of drinks. File that is swimming kayaking snorkeling on offer, it is best to get those activities out the way before getting too acquainted with the open bar! Thereafter why not sink a few choice aperitifs while watching the majesty of the sun setting into the western mountains.
Serious angling
Fishing in the Pacific is another immensely popular pastime for visitors to Malaysia. Excellent sports fishing opportunities are available when you head out from Langwaki. The motor yacht that will transport you to the fishing grounds is fast, comfortable and professionally-equipped. You can head for the islands in the Butang group or Pulau Peras, both of which offer excellent fishing, as well as snorkeling or diving.
Amongst the species you may hook are sea bass, grouper, tuna, marlin, marlin or barracuda (in the case of the latter, be vary wary of their snapping jaws after you've wheeled one aboard!) Departure times can be individually arranged, and you have the option of a half-day's trip lasting four hours or full day's fishing lasting eight. An experienced local fisherman will accompany you to ensure you make the most out of your angling opportunity.
Flying fox spotting
One particular aquatic pursuit that will be something to write home about is the flying Fox and wetlands cruise. Departing from Langwaki at sunset and lasting for three hours, this will take you along Kilim's beautiful forest-lined mangrove swamps en route to Pulau Dangli. As well as feeding tropical fish, you'll be able to witness the amazing spectacle of one of Malaysia's most fantastic and unique natural sights. At sunset the flying foxes – the world's largest species of fruit bats – emerge from their daily roosting positions, to begin encircling the island as they start their evening feed. These magnificent creatures sped the night feasting, before heading back to the island by sunrise. After you've captured some memorable snaps of the feeding frenzy, your private boat tour and experienced nature guide will return you to the island, then your hotel.
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