Top 10 Must-try Dishes in Malaysia


Dishes in Malaysia

Food, glorious food! If you are a foodie, Malaysia is food galore you do not want to miss. Being a multi-cultural society, Malaysia has inherited a wide range of cuisines and even created some of its own fusion blend that is uniquely Malaysia. While it is impossible to list all the mouth-watering choices here, we have shortlisted the top 10 must-try dishes.

Rendang is one of Malaysia's most popular dishes and it comes with a choice of beef, chicken or lamb. This spicy meat dish which originated from Indonesia has won the hearts of many in Southeast Asia. The Rendang dish combines many rich spices found in the region with coconut milk to create a thick sauce that is used to simmer with the meat. The result? An incredibly tender meat dish with intense flavour that is hard to forget.
There are different variations of laksa in Malaysia but they all come with thick white rice noodles and a curry-like soup base, topped with prawn, fish cake and even cockles. This is considered comfort food for many and it is easily found in many eateries in Malaysia.
Nasi Lemak (photo)
Nasi Lemak is a traditional rice meal and many have touted it as Malaysia's unofficial national dish. The main highlight is the rich and fragrant rice that is soaked in coconut cream before steaming. It is then served with a variety of local dishes such as salted peanuts with ikan-bilis, hard-boiled egg, preserved vegetables, fried chicken wings or fish and sweet sambal chili.
Murtabak is a local version of stuffed pancakes that can be eaten all day long. This pancake is stuffed with meat, onions and spicy sauces before being pan-fried to gold brown. It is often taken as a snack because it is so easy to eat.
Char Kway Tiao
Again, there are many variations of Char Kway Tiao in the region, but Malaysia's version has received accolades from near and far. This dish is made with flat rice noodles, stir fry with pork lard, soy sauce, cockles, bean sprouts, eggs and sometimes prawns. A good plate of Char Kway Tiao is usually evaluated based the chef's effective control of the heat and right mix of ingredients.
This a Chinese crepe roll that is stuffed with shredded turnip, egg, shallots, and meat, flavoured with local sauces and chili. It is an interesting snack that is sweet and savoury at the same time. This combo is flavourful yet refreshing at the same time.
Pisang Goreng
It is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Pisang Goreng is a local fried banana fritter snack that has survived the test of times. This is a snack that many Malaysians grew up with, and these days, it is still one of the local favourites. Pisang Goreng is available in many local street stalls and eateries. Try it as a snack or a desert after a meal.
The authentic Malaysian satay is skewered meat, grilled over a charcoal flame to capture a smoked meat effect. The dish comes in a choice of chicken, beef or lamb, served with Malay rice dumplings wrapped with coconut leaf, also known as Ketupat, and peanut sauce. As one of Malaysia's signature dish, it is available in most places. If you spot a stall smoking with glorious barbecue flavour, it is most likely to be a satay stall.
Rojak is like a local salad and appetizer. It comprises a mixture of fresh cucumbers, pineapples, and fried dough fritters, mixed with popular shrimp paste, ground peanuts and a combo of sweet and spicy sauces.
Ramly Burger
Ramly burger is a must-try if you ever visit Malaysia. Started since 1979 by Ramly Monkin, the street vendor has expanded its business exponentially, making it a household name in Malaysia as well as in the region. The interesting characteristic of Ramly burger lies in its egg-enveloped beef patty that ensures that the juices are wrapped in the burger even while you are eating. Topped with an interesting blend of sauces, the burger not only captures the flavour of a delicious burger but also the unique flavour that is familiar to its local market.


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