Malaysia most awe-inspiring diving sites


Malaysia is rightly regarded as the jewel in the crown of the Far East's many fabulous landscapes. But it is away from the land that this area really comes into its own in terms of attracting visitors. Malaysia actually consists of two main land areas, ‘Peninsular Malaysia', adjoining Thailand on the Asian continent, and the East Malaysian states to the north of the island of Borneo. These masses are separated by the South China Sea.dive sites my
With so many coastlines being lapped by the Pacific Ocean, it is only natural that Malaysia has gained a formidable reputation as a beautiful location for diving. Divers in all shapes and sizes, from casual snorkelers to serious ‘Scuba' explorers, flock to this part of Asia from all the other corners of the world. There are many impressive dive sites to be found in Malaysia, but here is a short list of some of the most fabulous.
Spidan is reckoned to be one of the finest sites. This in itself is somewhat unusual because it is not all that easy to dive here due to the restrictions that are in place. For one thing, a permit is required in order to go down and explore off the coast of Sipadan. These are issued on a daily basis. However, for those fortunate enough to receive the appropriate permission, the rewards are immense. The waters are free of silt, making for excellent viewing conditions. The coral reefs are home to a diverse range of marine creatures, with some spectacularly coloured fish darting around in vast shoals.
Kapalai as mentioned here because of its accommodation facilities. Due to a large Sandbank that exists here it is not that spectacular for its diving; however it is renowned for its exclusive resort – built on stilts!
Lankayan is often cited as Malaysia's next most popular diving location after Sipadan. It is a small island, just to the north of Sandakan, in eastern Sabah (on Borneo). Although there is only one resort here, it is luxurious and it is dedicated to providing divers with somewhere to relax in superb comfort while they chill in preparation for donning their wetsuits in the morning. One reason for the enduring popularity of Lankayan is the fact that this is one area listed as a natural habitat for whale sharks. While diving in the Pacific does tend to conjure images of coral reefs, coloured like a proverbial rainbow with all the exotic species of tropical fish, it is also possible to spot nature's largest fish.
The close-up and personal encounter with a whale shark is reckoned to be one of the most or inspiring experiences that any diver could possibly hope to capture. These creatures may look intimidating, but, unlike some of their smaller relatives, they are completely harmless (unless you happen to be plankton swimming anywhere near their massive jaws!)
Unlike the aforementioned tropical islands, this area is really just a concrete landing strip. Well that doesn't sound too inviting terms of providing a springboard for some serious diving action, its location - on a large sandbank just below sea level - insures that the area has not been adversely affected by any form of human contact. As a result of this, the crystal blue seas here are home to a vast array of species, including fast schools of manta rays. To catch sight of these majestic sea creatures gliding past en masse is yet another one of Malaysia's underwater highlights.


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