Best places to eat when visiting Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur boasts a truly magnificent restaurant scene. Whether you are after quick and easy street food or haute cuisine dining, the Malaysian capital has something for you. As a multicultural hub, KL's eateries bring together traditional tastes of India, China and the West, presenting a uniquely Malaysian cocktail of cookery. Here are three of our favourites, with something for every traveller's budget.Best places to eat Kuala Lumpur Nyonya Curry
For those that want to splash the cash: The Bird Restaurant
Nyonya cuisine is perhaps the best representation of Kuala Lumpur's multicultural food scene. A mixture of Chinese and Malay traditions, it is a wonderfully flavourful food, great for the hungry tourist that wants to soak up the real Malaysia. If that tourist also has a bit of money to spend, then they can't do much better than spend an entertaining evening at The Bird Restaurant. As well as authentic Nyonya cooking – with highlight dishes such as Choy Po Tofu and Nyonya Fish on the menu – you get to enjoy nightly music from eccentric owner Desmond Llew and his all-singing family that like to entertain their diners.
For those that appreciate a good view: The 39 Restaurant
If you like a nice view while you eat your dinner, then The 39 Restaurant is the place for you. Headquartered on the 39th floor of the PNB Darby Park hotel, you get a gorgeous view of the Petronas Twin Towers from the luxuriant high windows that sit beside the dining room. The restaurant offers a buffet-style dining experience that is high class and delicious and, when the weather's nice, an al-fresco option is also available.
And for those on a budget: Ah Koong Restaurant
Fish ball noodles are one of Malaysia's proudest traditional dishes and there is nowhere better to eat them than Ah Koong. Since 1987 it has been serving up steaming dishes of the simple though delicious dish with such quality that it is now one of the most famous eateries in KL. A must-visit for a cheap bite, it also offers fish soup and porridge, fresh oyster soup, adalone soup and laska.
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